Photo Credit:  Karen Gentleman  

Photo Credit: Karen Gentleman 

A little about me:

I have an uncontrollable urge to create. I'm constantly finding new inspiration and starting new projects - I just can't help myself. This journal is an effort to track some of those creative ideas, sources of inspiration, beautiful experiences and crazy adventures. 

In my 9-5 life I am a Senior Designer with SmartDesign Group, where we work on commercial design projects around the globe. Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of Architects, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers and Food Service Designers. Working together, we bring amazing spaces to life. 

I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, near the water's edge with my husband Jeremy & my two beautiful daughters, Amelia & Beatrice. We are lucky to live in a creative environment surrounded by the stunning west coast natural environment and a tight community of fabulous friends. When not making stuff - I love music, food, wine, theatre and extremely dorky board games. 

View my PDF resume or check out my references on Linked In.