Halloween 2012: Fairyland

Posted on by jemma Radick

If there is any holiday that the creative spirit in me loves best, it is Halloween. This year my daughter was head over heels about fairies - which created a fabulous opportunity for costume making. 

She was particularly excited about being a "Garden Fairy" - so, inspired by gorgeous DIY fairy costumes on Pinterest here, here and here, I set out to make my own. A quick trip to the fabric store to pick up ribbons (brown, gold & leaf trim) and a couple colours of tulle (green, brown & pink), and I was off to the races. I actually just used this method to make the dress - I just made it longer than I would have for a skirt length tutu. I love a no sew project. (If you can't find rolls of 6" tule, just buy a yard/meter of each colour, and cut into 4-6" strips). 

Next I needed Wings (way cheaper and easier just to order from Amazon) , and Floral accents. For this, I went to Michaels and purchased a couple of stems of fabric flowers. For the crown I simply bent this into a crown shape, and taped together using floral tape - snipping off and relocating some branches to give an even look. The big rose in the front is just tucked into the tutu/ribbon knots. 

The finished piece was a big hit!