Ity Bity Baby Shower

Posted on by jemma Radick

My dear sister is having a baby this summer, and I have the honour of hosting her baby shower. Which means I have an excuse to make incredibly cute crafts without any guilt! I love being a hostess, and I really wanted to create a special event for my sister, and my soon to be born niece.

I started with a message tree, (inspiredly this guest book tree here) - each guest was asked to write a note of support, advice or well wishes for the new parents, and place it in the tree. For favours, each guest was given a shea butter egg soap in a little nest (inspired by these, but purchased from this easy seller, nests and assembly by moi). Of course custom tags, signage and labels were required. The baby's nursery theme features owls, so I had a fantastic excuse to create pretty owl illustrations on pale grey chevrons. 

The food was it's own challenge - it all had to be party friendly, pretty (of course), and gestational diabetes friendly - so: dark chocolate pistachio covered strawberries, caprese skewers, and crudités sitting in dressing ready for mingling.