Close Amazing.

Posted on by jemma Radick

On May 6, I had the incredible privilege of making music with Bend Sinister and the crew from Playground has a mission to bring people together - leave your wallet and your ego at the door, and come prepared to fully participate in this immersive make-art project.

100 strangers gathered at Zulu records in Vancouver and together we rehearsed and recorded the track "The Road Divided" with the band. Everyone participated - my friend and I sang and added percussion with DIY CD Case "Clappers" and my hubby Jeremy was given the honour of banging the gong at several key moments. We all enjoyed a lovely brew or two (or three) from Main Street Pilsner and experienced a rare night when the barriers were completely down for this room full of VanCity hipsters. 

Visit Playground #4 for more details, and to add yourself to the invite list for the next event.