All Star Breakfast: Marvelous Mochi (Isobeyaki).

Posted on by jemma Radick

Living in Vancouver means being surrounded by a plethora of fabulous food from cultures around the world - we are spoiled for choice. My favourite by far is Japanese, so when my good friend showed me how to make Isobeyaki (toasted mochi, wrapped in nori and dipped in sweet soy) I was over the moon. 


Mochi is a dish traditional served on new years day & children's festivals - as it's extremely labour intensive to make from scratch, but I buy pre-made mochi cakes and it has become one of my favourite weekend breakfasts.

Here is a little run down of how to make this at home yourself. 

First gather ingredients, you'll need pre-made mochi cakes, a package of nori sheets, a good japanese soy sauce, and brown sugar. I usually get my supplies at Fujiya - the mochi is found in the refrigerated section. 

First, set you oven to broil with the rack positioned at the middle rack. (you can also use a toaster oven - but I find most aren't hot enough).

While your oven is heating up, break your sheet of nori into thirds, and pour a few tablespoons of soy into a small dipping dish, and stir in a generous teaspoon of brown sugar. Set aside.

Once the broiler is ready, place your mochi cakes onto a baking sheet, with plenty of room around each one, and place under broiler. You'll need to watch these carefully - as they toast, they'll puff up like balloons. Once the top sides are toasted a golden brown, turn over and toast the opposite side. This can get a little tricky - as the cakes become soft and very sticky under the heat - use a pair of long handled tongs.

Once both sides are toasted, remove from oven and immediately place each cake onto a strip of nori. Watch out - these suckers are nuclear hot, and very sticky in the middle! Roll nori around mochi, and place on plate along side sweet-soy.

Now it's ready to eat, dip in soy and enjoy along with a piping hot cup of coffee. Pure heaven. I hope you enjoy it!