Let it Snow! Glitter playdough - a recipe smackdown.

Posted on by jemma Radick

For Christmas, I can't resist making a few little crafts to share with friends and neighbours. My criteria for a suitable craft is that it needs be: fairly low cost per piece, useful or yummy to eat, fun to make & something I've never tried before. 

This year, I wanted to make one gift especially for the little people in our lives - and it had to be something that my daughter Amelia (4 1/2) could easily make with me. When I stumbled upon a Pinterest recipe for glitter play dough that looked like snow - I knew we'd found our craft. I found two differing play dough recipes - and so we made both and compared!

The first we tried was a no cook recipe. It was super easy - we made it all at the kitchen table, and it was easy for Amelia to help with just about every stage. It was fairly low mess, and easy to work with. 


The second was a more commonly found quick cook recipe  - this was a whole other adventure. It had to be finished on the stovetop, and made a hideous mess, and awful smell. Once cooked it was a sticky, slimy mess that required double the kneading of the no-cook recipe. It took me twice as long to clean my pot as it did to make the play dough. Yuck. 


Once both had cooled, we rolled them into 'snowballs' kneading in more glitter as we went where we felt it needed a bit more sparkle. Both recipes gave us similar results - once cool, neither was sticky, both were easily pliable sparkly white play dough. The quick-cook version didn't smell very nice - but the consistency was the same. Rolled in a little extra glitter, these were the cutest little snowballs. 

**Note - I tested the consistency again 1 week and 2 weeks later for both recipes, and both were still in great shape.

Our last step was to place each snowball in a jelly jar, add a label and embellish with a ribbon. The jelly jars used are 4oz (125ml) decorative jars from Bernardin - found in most grocery & hardware stores with the canning supplies. 


I've made up a free printable for the labels - which you are welcome to download and use.