The Power of Creative Collaboration

Posted on by jemma Radick

I truly believe that creative collaboration is the single most powerful tool in the design world. Through collaboration, we can elevate our work to a level that cannot be attained by any one individual. In Environmental Graphic Design, multi-disciplinary collaboration is the name of the game – as this work exists at the intersection of Graphic Design, Interior Design & Architecture (among others). When these different disciplines some together to shape a space, to create an experience – it can be truly amazing. 


The Story of Medicines project was shaped by many talented hands, all contributing their individual expertise to the creation of the whole. Without them, the project would not exist. This was truly a remarkable team effort – and I wanted to take a moment to express my most sincere gratitude to this amazing team.  

SmartDesign Group: Lissa Nunweiler, Ashley Mindorff, Kirsty Lawson, Rainbow Poffinbarger, Allan Dieckmann, Scott Andrews,  Krista Schultz, Gino Burich, Eric Amberg, Kirsten Hwang, Edwin Garcia, Nareman Zareei, and Emily Woeste

NGX Interactive: Thomas Hepburn, Leigh Byblow, Jessica Doig, Andre Bussanich, Justin Williams, Patrick Gorry, Eric Mui, Kathleen Bedford, Marta Mazus and Maria Capellades

UBC Properties Trust: Nick Maile, Carrie Johnson, Crystal Roche

Saucier + Perrote Architects: Gilles Saucier, David Moreaux, Marc André Tratch

Hughes Condon Marler Architects: Bill Uhrich, Craig Lane, Paul Fast and Rachel Lacey

From the UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences community: Bob Sindelar, Jimi Galvao, Jamal Kurtu, Janis Horne, June Chow, Arti Maharaj, Brian Rodrigues, Arun Verma, Kathleen MacLeod, Tamiz Kanji, Barry Gee, Raman Dhaliwal, Jayakumar Surendradoss, Mark Kunzli, David Grierson, Pavan Dhillon, Raman Dhaliwal, Amy Phillips, John Van Drunen. And last but certainly not least - Louanne Twaites and Steve Dove

3DS: Three Dimensional Services: Michael-John Bailie, Reg Wilford, John Gleadle

Tripped On Light Design: Joseph Scott

Adrienne Mason

Bear Studios: Chris Wilkinson, Jamie Erickson, Sumeet Vats

Ledcor Group: Jason Smith & Bruce Dale

 **If you’re reading this and notice that I forgot a name – please let me know!